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There’s more to Anderson than just Anderson Flooring products. Their history goes back to the second world war when a method was devised to make strong and effective plywood constructed boat hulls. From there, the company has perfected the engineered floor and today produces hardwearing and beautiful hardwood floors.

The Anderson Company was founded in 1946 by Andy Anderson. In the company’s early years Mr. Anderson worked in collaboration with the US Navy in the design and production of hulls for fast patrol vessels. Soon he expanded his operation to include hardwood flooring. One of the first products was parquet blocks specially manufactured to fit over existing concrete slabs. Concrete slabs at the time were not particularly well built and the idea of fitting wood over the top of them was practically unheard of, mainly because of damp problems. The parquet flooring had a major advantage however, because of the prior use for boat hulls, and the product gained a good reputation in a short time.

Further research and development allowed the production of full length planks that were just as durable and performed just as well under damp conditions as did the parquet. As conditions improved in the building sector after the end of the war, Anderson flooring gained a rapid reputation for a quality product. People soon began to demand hardwood floors for their own homes, and commercial organizations also trended towards natural hardwood flooring as their floor of choice. The name “Anderson” soon became synonymous with quality hardwood engineered flooring.

For an organization to exist for such a long time and maintain a spotless reputation with consumers, they must be doing something right. A closer look at their product gives us a clue why. The company has one of the tightest quality control mechanisms in the industry, which enables it to churn out consistently good quality flooring year after year. The company is still run by family members, something that has helped maintain its stability over the years.

Anderson is strongly opposed to laminate flooring products, citing the fact that they consider consumers are being misled into buying “fake” wood products, rather than the real thing. The comapny is committed to production of real wood flooring but only in an environmentally sustainable way that maintains future forest growth and timber supply.

If you are in the market for a hardwood floor that is not only beautiful to look at, but is also extremely stable in conditions where many floors would fail, you really should consider Anderson Hardwood Flooring.

The Anderson Difference

The hardwood grading table below illustrates the difference in hardness between popular Anderson floors and some of their competition. As can be seen from the chart, because Anderson use a solid Oak core, although more expensive than softer woods, it gives the flooring better durability and an exceptional hardness.


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