Area Rug Care – Keep Your Area Rug Clean

Area Rug Care

Article Summary: This article looks at area rug care and what is involved in keeping your area rugs in top condition so you can get maximum enjoyment for many years to come.

Area rugssilk carpets and persian carpets all have one thing in common. When it comes to keeping them in top condition – it is relatively easy. By carrying out a few basic area rug care actions once every so often, your rug will maintain its looks and value for many years. These might seem at first to be common sense actions, but we are often amazed at the condition a valuable piece of work has been left to deteriorate into, and owners are often upset when told that because of inadequate area rug care, their once valuable rug is only fit for the rubbish pile.

First, try to keep any carpet or rug out of direct sunlight. This may not always be possible, but the use of blinds or mesh curtains will keep your rug from fading over time. Unfortunately carpets are like people – its hard to actually see them fading and ageing when you live with them every day. If for some reason it is impossible to avoid direct sunlight, at the very least rotate your carpet every so often so that no one part of the carpet gets faded more than another.

If your rug or carpet is in a walkway that receives a lot of foot traffic, occasionally turn it around, preferably at a 90 degree angle, so that wear is evenly distributed throughout the carpet.

Perhaps the biggest threat to any carpet, whether an antique rug or ordinary carpet, is mold. If you know that you have problems with mold in your house, regularly lift the entire rug and support it above ground, perhaps on a clothes airer, for a few hours to dry it out. If you do happen to get an infestation, like moth larvae or silverfish, you will have to treat the carpet with a proprietary product to get rid of them quickly. These insects actually eat your carpet away so it is very important to keep an eye out for these critters if damp is a problem. Even if you don’t suffer from damp, if any part of the rug is hidden from view, for example under a sofa, regularly check that nothing is destroying your valuable carpet.

Vacuuming is important, but don’t overdo it. If you have a very powerful system like ducted systems that have a huge suction, make sure you use the nozzle to reduce the power so as not to stretch the fibers of your carpet or rug. Grit is probably the biggest enemy of any carpet, so do this at least once a week. Your rug will last considerably longer if you do.

Washing of carpets and rugs is beneficial, but many people do it far too often. While it is impossible to give specific instruction on the frequency of washing, for an average home a rug should not need cleaning more than every three to five years. Of course, this is dependant on many factors but for an area rug care routine is a good rule of thumb.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions when caring for your rugs. No matter the type of rug – contemporary area rugflokati area rugshag area rugkid’s area rugwool area rugbamboo area rug – there is a best practice for it’s care. Follow these instructions for a long rug life.

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