Decorate Your Rooms With Area Rugs

Decorating with Area Rugs

Area rugs add a final touch of class to an otherwise ordinary looking floor. This article looks at what you should look for in a rug, how to choose one and where to buy it and at the end there are some in-situ pictures to give you some ideas.

The great thing about modern area rugs is that although many are mass produced, you can still buy great quality hand-made rugs at reasonable prices. You can pay a small fortune for a rug or you can pay next to nothing – it all comes down to the quality of rug you want and how you are going to use it. Hand made rugs are the ones that ultimately cost more, but with a little love and attention they will last you a lifetime and never lose that unique look and feel.

No hand made area rug is exactly the same as the next. This is another attraction of area rugs in general, and many are now considered to be works of art in their own right. I have written a page specifically about the Persian Carpet, given its significance in the carpet making world.

So how do you go about choosing an rug that is right for your budget and looks great too? First, take a look at your room’s decor. Take into consideration the colors you have in the room, are they light and bright or more sedate in nature? What mood are you trying to create, is it a traditional or more cotemporary look? What is the existing floor surface? Is the rug for use in a formal or informal room? How much light does the room get? Ultimately what you are trying to achieve from the area rug is a blending of the room’s atmosphere and a practcal solution too.

Where to buy rugs is another question. Some might say that you should only ever buy after you’ve seen the rug first. While this is probably true, there is a marked difference between seeing the rug in the showroom and in your room at home. So if possible, always get some sort of agreement from the rug retailer that if you are not happy with the way the rug looks in your home, you can swap it or get a refund. The best solution would be for the retailer to come to your home with a variety of rugs and demonstrate each in its natural surroundings. There are a few retailers that do this so always ask before you start looking.

If you want to snatch a bargain price rug you will have to look outside of the normal retail outlets. Retailers have fixed costs that they must cover, so with each and every sale a portion of the price you pay will include rent, rates, wages, lighting, etc, etc. The advent of the Internet has made available some top quality area rugs at rock bottom prices. If you can find an outlet that is trustworthy and has good returns policies, you would do well to check them out. We would like to suggest House Of Area Rugs as a great online shop for rugs.

Discover how to choose an area rug for a hardwood floor.

Below are a few images of room settings with a different rug in each. These will give you an idea of what a good qulaity, well positioned rug can do for the look of your home.

Some area rug ideas. (Click image for bigger pic).

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