Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a material that is becoming extremely popular at the moment and with very good reason. It has a quality that goes beyond that of simply being a beautiful wood, it is also extremely hardwearing and is environmentaly sustainable too. Because it is a fast growing grass (not a tree), it can be harvested without destroying the actual plant itself, enabling a far greater supply with little environmental impact. It is also extremely hardy and requires little in the way of fertilizers or pest control poisons to ensure a good crop.

As well as the natural color of Bamboo itself, there is another primary darker color that is available as a bamboo flooring option. This color bamboo is produced by a process of “smoking” (high pressure steaming actually) the wood until it reaches a dark amber or honey blonde look. This method is called “carbonization”. Either way, bamboo always display a graining and texture unique among all of the hardwood flooring materials.


There are two main production techniques for bamboo flooring. One is with the wood grain in a horizontal pattern which allows a more natural finish to be displayed, or in a vertical cut pattern which gives a much more even texture and coloring throughout the timber. Engineered planks are available that can be fitted yourself similar to any other wood laminate floor.

The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring are:

  • Popular material, good resale value
  • A very hard, natural material
  • Extremely Durable
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Bamboo Maintenance

Maintenance for bamboo flooring is similar to that of other flooring materials. Don’t get the floor too wet and use a proprietory wood floor cleaning product for best results. Of course, don’t use any abrasive substance on any wood floor and if a specialized cleaning product isn’t available, use a household detergent sparingly.

The following is a list of manufacturers who sell Bamboo and the products they make.

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