Barlinek Floors

Barlinek Floors

Barlinek Floors is probably some of the best flooring you will find in Europe today. With it’s wide range of flooring styles and timbers, as well as a click-together system ideal for do-it-yourself advocates, this is one flooring manufacturer you should definitely consider.
The company began to manufacture a new line of floorboard, called Barkiet, in 2004 and it has quickly become recognized around the world for its superior timber quality and easy to fit click-together system shown below, that D-I-Yers love.Barlinek is a small town in Poland with a highly developed flooring manufacture industry. From its beginning in the mid 1900s Barlinek has been famous worldwide for quality timber and furniture production. The Barlinek Wood Industry Enterprise was formed in 1959, but it was not until its privatisation in 1999 that new capital funding allowed Barlinek S.A. to really expand and become a major force in the flooring market.

Barlink also manufacturers a commercial flooring option known as Barkiet Sport. This also comprises a three layer solid wood flooring laid over a flexible underlay and is used in sports halls and other high-traffic venues where durability is paramount.Barlinek now stands as one of the top three manufacturers in Europe after its huge investment program. The company produces a range of flooring products including domestic and exotic veneers, solid pine, mosaic and parquets. It is probably better known for its new Barlinek floorboard which comprises an engineered timber flooring with its patented barclick click-together jointing system. The floorboard is available in a variety of natural timber facings.

Barlinek Floorboard

These boards are made of 100% natural wood and comprise of three layers of wood with a number of protective coatings. This engineered product is made to stringent manufacturing standards that ensure a product that stands up well to modern living conditions and also, for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, is easy to fit because of their click-together jointing system.

Barlinek floorboard construction – from top to bottom layer:
  1. Two layers of UV hardened acrylic top layer
  2. Three layers of UV hardened acrylic primer
  3. UV hardened acrylic layer
  4. UV hardened protective layer
  5. Top layer of 3.5mm wood*
  6. 8mm softwood layer
  7. 3.5mm of coniferous wood
* Top layer can be beech, oak, sycamore, pine, birch, and exotic timber.

There are three classifications for the top layer of wood. They are:

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