Carpet Care Tips

How to properly care for your carpet or area rug.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] After you've laid your new carpet or area rug need to spend a little time looking after it so that it retains it's 'just laid' look. Keeping your carpet looking good is easily accomplished by carrying out a few basic tasks on a regular basis. Here are a few carpet care tips to prevent undue carpet damage or premature wear.

Carpet Care Tips - No.1
Stop the dirt before it gets inside.

A mat placed preferably outside your front door will encourage people to wipe their feet and keep a large proportion of the dirt on their shoes outside. Even a mat placed inside will have the same effect - just remember to beat it out on a regular basis.

Carpet Care Tips - No.2
Remove dirt that does get inside

A good quality vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping your carpet in pristine condition. If you are building a new house then consider a ducted vacuum system. They are super-efficient and are much more powerful than ordinary vacuums and well worth the cost. Carpet sweepers are better than nothing - but they don't remove the deep ingrained dirt in carpet pile, so should be used only if nothing else is available.

Carpet Care Tips - No.3
Common carpet damaging products

Things you may not think at first would damage your carpet, pet flea collars are a good example, as well as caustic cleaners, chlorine and bleach products, pesticides and plant foods. Keep them off your carpet!

Carpet Care Tips - No.4
Clean up carpet spills immediately

Leaving a spill on a carpet is like leaving bird droppings on your car - it gradually burns into the surface and eventually becomes permanent. Clean it up when the spill occurs and you will minimize the damage to your carpet.

Carpet Care Tips - No.5
Have your carpet professionaly cleaned

Just like your car needs servicing, so your carpet will benefit from a thorough clean once in a while (every 1 to 2 years depending on the carpet use). Although vacuuming does a good job, it can't kill bugs that cause allergies. A thorough deep steam clean done properly will rejuvinate your carpet and extand it's life considerably, as well as keeping you and your guests healthy.

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