Cork Floor Repai

Cork Floor Repair

Article Summary: Cork floor repair is considerably easier than with some other flooring materials. An often overlooked flooring choice, cork is beginning to gain favor with home owners – and for good reason. This article tells you how to repair damaged cork flooring.
Cork floor repair
 is considerably easier than with some other flooring materials. This is mainly because cork is so durable. If you drop a heavy item on a normal wood floor, chances are that you will end up with a big dent in the surface of the floor. Cork is able to soak up most impacts and will regain its shape easily. On the other hand, if you happen to drop a burning cigarette on a cork floor, you may well do more damage than on a normal wood floor.

In order to make cork flooring even easier to repair, it would be wise to consider using a variety of floating floor that simply clicks together and doesn’t need any other fixing or gluing. The advantages are in cost – its much cheaper, but also makes a D-I-Y job a really easy proposition.

The repair process for this flooring is easy. Simply follow the instructions below and you will soon have a cork floor that looks as good as new.

  1. Remove all objects from around the damaged are of flooring
  2. If necessary, remove any molding around the edge of the floor
  3. Unsnap the damaged plank from its neighboring plank
  4. Replace the damaged plank with a replacement
  5. Refix any molding
  6. replace any furniture

You might think we’re joking – we’re not, it really is as easy as that! So before choosing your cork floor, perhaps give a little thought to what can happen and how easy it might be to repair minor (or major) mishaps.

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