Gallery of Flooring Ideas

Flooring Ideas

This page is designed to give you some Flooring Ideas, as I travel round the country I will be taking some pictures that will hopefully give you some inspiration for flooring your own homes.

Some flooring ideas for Tiling

Spotted in a holiday resort, this immediately caught my attention.

Whoever thought of this came up with a novel unique flooring ideas – use pebbles to represent water.

The pebbles flow through the tiles as though they were a stream of water flowing down through the tiling. What a great idea!

Click on the Photo’s below for a larger view.


The ‘water’ flows through the tiled flooring and finally out into a small pool. This is a stunning use of simple materials that gives a really different flooring look for you to use. Once you’ve laid out the pattern you would have to be really careful when cutting the tiles as I assume they were cut in-situ.

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