Flooring Manufacturer

Flooring Manufacturer

If you are looking for a flooring manufacturer then view out list below.

Here’s a list of Flooring Manufacturers so you can track down a particular make of floor.

We have independently written an artilce about the floor maker and where possilbe sourced discounts and special offers, just for you.

For a review of floor manufacturers, browse the following.

Reviewed Flooring Manufacturers
Alloc Flooring – Mechanical (glue-free) locking laminate floor system from the Berry Group.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring – Top quality engineered flooring from Anderson Flooring

Barlinek Floors – Barlinek is in the top three flooring manufacturers in Europe

Meyer Laminate Flooring – Meyer Laminate Flooring, produced in Europe, one of the best laminates available

Pergo Flooring – Manufacturer of Pergo laminate floors, which are pre-glued and lock together.

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