Hard Wood Flooring Hardness Table

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Below is a hard wood flooring hardness table. Without getting too technical, the hardness test undertaken here is one where a steel ball, of 0.44" (11.2mm), is forced into the surface of the wood. The amount of force it takes to drive the ball 1/2 its depth into the wood is the figure quoted in the table. The information here comes from the U.S. Forest products Laboratory.

So if you want an super hard wood, look for the higher numbers next to the timber species.

Wood Type Hardness
Chestnut, Domestic540
Douglas Fir 660
Yellow Pine, Domestic 690
Mahogany, Honduran 800
Lacewood 840
Mahogany, African, Khaya 845
Heart Pine870
Cherry, Domestic 950
Imbuia 950
Cherry, Africa, Makore 1010
Walnut, Domestic 1010
Aniegre 1110
Teak, true 1155
Red Oak, Domestic 1260
Angelique 1290
Walnut, African, Mansonia 1290
Ash, Domestic 1320
White Oak, Domestic 1360
Cypress, Australian Hard 1375
Maple, Domestic1450
Mahogany, African, Sapele 1500
Zebrawood 1575
Wenge 1630
Teak, Striped, Shedua 1650
Padauk 1725
Rosewood, Bolivian 1780
Jarrah, Australian 1915
Bubinga 1980
Purpleheart 2090
Goncalo Alves 2160
Rosewood, Asian 2170
Amberwood 2200
Bocote 2200
Mahogany, Santos2200
Rosewood, Honduran 2200
Cherry, Brazilian 2820
Bloodwood 3300
Chestnut, Southern 3540
Walnut, Brazilian 3680
Ebony, Brazilian 3692
Patagonian Roesewood 3840
Brazilian Tiger Mahogany 3840
Curupy 3880

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