Meyer Laminate Flooring

Meyer Laminate Flooring

Meyer Laminate Flooring, from Meyer USA, a subsidiary of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, produces laminate flooring in a range of colors and shades to suit the most fastidious buyer. See for yourself.
Their efficiency and sophistication in the production of these materials has led to the manufacture of laminate flooring, a product that is manufactured under strict quality control conditions, ensuring a product that the consumer can be confident will perform as expected under various conditions. Their current manufacturing plant in Europe is an ultra-modern production facility with a huge capacity of over 39 million square meters of laminate flooring.> 
Operating under the umbrella of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, Meyer produces a range of laminate flooring that is widely known and respected worldwide for its consistency and quality. For nearly two decades, Meyer has supplied the kitchen manufacturing industry with laminate materials for kitchen door fronts and other kitchen materials and is well established in this area.

The main reason I like Meyer is their range of Wide Planks, all of the planks below are over 7.5″ wide. The examples shown below are only a small selection of the different wood surface finishes available. Select your Meyer Laminate Flooring from the table below:

Meyer Laminate Flooring Range

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