Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Choosing A Rug For A Hardwood Floor

Area rugs are the perfect solution to all your hardwood floor problems. Not only do area rugs protect your hardwood floor from the inevitable scrapes and gouges that furniture can put into it but they will also create an instant transformation to any room they are laid down in.

One of the first things you need to think about when choosing an area rug for a hardwood floor is the theme you are using for your décor. With all the different decorating styles to choose from, it is good to know there is an area rug that will go with whatever style you choose.

The Basic Considerations when Choosing Area Rugs

  • Color of the Area Rug: Area rugs come in every color imaginable. Choosing an area rug that complements the colors you’ve chosen for your décor will give the room a more harmonious look where as an area rug in a contrasting color will add instant drama to the room. Keep in mind that light colored area rugs look great on a dark hardwood floor and brighter or darker colored area rugs contrast brilliantly on lighter flooring.
  • Texture of the Area Rug: The texture of the area rug makes a big impact on the overall effect. Fabric area rugs that are woven tightly look compact and net whereas those that are braided for a looser look impart the room with a more casual appearance. Other area rugs including those made of bamboo, resemble wood itself and so must be carefully chosen to work with the grain in your hardwood floors.

Area Rugs in Tropical Themes
A fully tropical theme goes best with lighter hardwood flooring such as a light oak. Bamboo area rugs can be placed in various areas of the home to bring out the tropical feel. You can get a bamboo area rug in any color and just about any pattern you desire. There are even green bamboo area rugs that retain the natural look of bamboo. In fact this Anji Mountain Arboretum Rug has a very tropical feel with it’s palm frond print.

Seagrass area rugs, which look great with country décor are another viable option for the tropical theme. Tropical styles are versatile and can be combined with a variety of other design styles for looks that range from lovely to spectacular.

Area Rugs in Modern Themes
The modern look of angles, straight lines and shiny surfaces is kept simple when the décor is strictly contemporary. The color of furniture and accessories is typically black, white and silver. Hardwood floors work with any style of decorating and modern is no exception. If you are going for a completely modern look, modern area rugs add splashes of color but stay in line with the geometrical designs of the décor around and under them. This Dynamic Nolita 1302 Multi Rug would look stunning on a modern floor.

Area Rugs in Eclectic Themes
Tropical is not the only style that can be incorporated into other design ideas. Eclectic themes may combine Moroccan and Traditional or Tuscan with Country. When combining design styles, it may seem like anything goes but that is not necessarily true. The trick to combining styles is to add elements from each that compliment the other’s look. The same goes for the area rugs you choose for your hardwood floor. A Moroccan area rug with the traditional patterns will clash with the patterns on a modern area rug. While it is okay to mix and match designs, you need to be extra discriminating when mixing area rugs from different design styles.

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