Specialty Flooring – Types of Flooring

Specialty Flooring

In addition to the more common types of flooring materials, specialty flooring offers homeowners a wider choice for those looking for different ways of decorating their homes. Using non-standard flooring materials is one way to completely change the look of a room.

Why Consider Specialty Flooring?

Many people want their homes to look different to those of their neighbors’. Using non-standard flooring options such as discount bamboo flooring or applying a colored stain to your concrete floor is one way to do this. New technologies and techniques have made it possible to manipulate different materials to make viable flooring options. Now, the characteristics of certain types of materials can be made to really stand out and create stunning a stunning floor.

Common Types of Specialty Flooring

Concrete Flooring. Concrete flooring is now available in a variety of sizes, designs, patterns, textures and colors. Concrete can be quite heavy, so you must be careful during installation. There is a special chemical procedure for aging concrete so that it looks very beautiful and luxurious. Using concrete instead of another pricey material, such as marble or granite can save you quite a bit of money. Additionally, the rooms laid with concrete will look very unique…

Metal Flooring. Metal flooring has become very versatile. Not as popular as other types flooring material, it was once used only in commercial and industrial buildings. Difficult to install but virtually maintenance free, metal flooring can be manipulated to simulate bronze or brass. In addition, metal tiles can be interspersed with other types of flooring materials to make a very interesting and stunning floor…

Leather Flooring. Leather is not something that only your grandmother would have as a flooring material. Leather has an unmistakable rich and luxurious look. It is also relatively expensive, but the expense is well worth it. Leather tiles come in different colors, shades and textures so it is easily customizable to any room. Leather is also very soft and warm, making a leather floor very comfortable and inviting to walk on…

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