Stone Floors – Stone Flooring

Stone Flooring

Some of the most beautiful and perhaps the oldest type of floor covering are stone floors. It was the only known type of flooring in medieval times when resilient flooring or mosaic tiles simply did not exist. Even Cleopatra is known to have made extensive use of stone in her palace!

Why Is Stone So Popular?

There are as many numbers of reasons for its popularity as there are lovers of flooring! Add to that the countless variety of stones available all over this world. Here are some of the reasons that are most compelling to choose stone for your floor:

  • Completely natural patterns and colors, regardless of their variety, that enchants owners and the guests alike.
  • The cool feel. Stone loses heat faster than other flooring materials.
  • The exquisite finish of stone is virtually unmatched by any other flooring types. Larger stone slabs, when used, provide the look of a seamless floor. Stone flooring has a rich and expansive look.
  • Stone is very hygienic because it is smooth and non-porous. Stone is moisture and bacteria-resistant.
  • Stone is very easy to clean – simply wipe with a damp cloth or mop.
  • Most stone is scratch-proof.

Flooring Fact

All Stone Floors are heavy – always check the load bearing capacity of your sub-floor if you are fitting flooring above ground level.

Types of Popular Stones Used In Stone Flooring

There are countless varieties of stone used for flooring that are popular in every region of the country. However, there are some that are extremely popular because of their majestic look and wide variety of colors.

Marble: Marble is regarded as a royal stone by nearly everyone. Nearly every homeowner has secretly wished to have his/her home laid with marble flooring. Marble is chiefly made in India, Italy, and Egypt. Marble is composed of calcium carbonate and its colors and patterns are due to what is called “impurities”. Marble is among the softer stones …more.

Granite: Granite is perhaps the hardest stone of all, and is equally good looking. Granite finishes very well and is available in a wide variety of colors. The current rage in color is from jet black to light gray …more.

Limestone: This stone is a recent hit with many popular hotels and resorts. Even new corporate buildings prefer Limestone flooring. Limestone flooring has a shiny finish, and the colors available make it ideal for public establishments …more.

Sandstone: A close relative of Limestone, but usually with a more rustic finish, Sandstone is used to give a cool, slip free surface that is hard, durable and with a small amount of care and maintenance will last forever …more.

Slate: This stone flooring is perhaps the least expensive. It i

 It is easier to handle than the other types of stone flooring. Slate flooring is moisture-resistant, so it is good for bathrooms and basements. Your best bet is to use thin cut tiles if installing a slate tile floor in your home, because in slab form, as with the other types of stone flooring, slate flooring is very heavy …more.

Terrazzo: Terrazzo is a produced or manufactured finish whereby hard stone chippings (especially marble or granite) are mixed with concrete, and the concrete mixture is poured on site, similar to laying a concrete slab. When the concrete has set, the next stage is to grind the surface back then highly polish it to form a durable and unique surface finish. One thing about Terrazzo is that you will never see two floors exactly the same …more.

All stone flooring materials are available as slabs and tiles of different sizes, but the standard size for tiles is 2’ by 1’.

Six popular textures of stone flooring are:-

1. Honed texture with medium sheen

2. Polished texture which is the glossiest and smoothest surface finish

3. Flamed texture that is porous and has the roughest look

4. Semi-rough texture

5. Textured by sand blasting under high pressure with water

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